Woodworking traditions and the latest technologies

Since 1995, the company "Agroderev" has been providing the leading European markets with woodworking products of the highest quality. All of our supply chains are FSC® certified and our production is 100% zero-waste.


By combining the best traditions of woodworking with the latest technologies, we ensure the production of top-class products. The humidity and climate control system provides the best conditions for wood production and storage.

About us

Agroderev LLC is a sustainable development and improvement company. The convenient location of the enterprise, proximity to the main European sales markets and high-quality raw material base, the latest high-tech equipment of European manufacturers, strict compliance with quality requirements, and the preservation of woodworking traditions allow us to carry out successful export activities for many years.

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We ensure efficient and waste-free production. A climate control system is installed in our production and storage facilities to ensure the best conditions for the production and storage of wood. The quality control system ensures moisture control of incoming raw materials. Untreated wood is sorted and inspected before production, and defective material is discarded.


For 27 years of fruitful work, we have won the trust of leading manufacturers in Europe. A convenient location near the Polish border has ensured profitable and fast logistics, attractive prices without loss of quality, and a reputation proven by time - this is why we are chosen by the leaders of the European furniture industry. 


The spirit of the times requires us to be as responsible as possible for our planet and its ecosystem, so we at Agroderew are constantly looking for ways to increase the efficiency of using natural resources and influence its restoration. That is why we plant trees and participate in European innovation programs. 

Participants of the Horizon Europe Framework Program (HORIZON)
A forest was planted again in the Rava-Rusky Forestry

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