Fuel briquettes

Wood briquettes Nestro type

Wood briquettes Nestro type are an ecological biofuel, which is made of 100% dry oak sawdust without impurities and bark. The diameter of the briquettes is 55 mm. Their main advantages are high density of briquette and high calorific value. 

oak sawdust briquettes

Article    B001


Raw material                             100% oak sawdust;
Productivity                  60-90 tons per month;
Combustible material               92,5%;
Calorific value                 17 161 kJ/kg or 4421 kCal / kg;
Calorific capacity       17 161 kJ/kg or 4099 kCal / kg;
Chemical analysis                      indogen 5.44%; sulfur 0.02%